fpdf2 release 2.2.0

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Today, I am happy to announce a new version 2.2.0 of fpdf2 !

https://github.com/pyfpdf/fpdf2/ Pypi latest version Doc: https://pyfpdf.github.io/fpdf2/

During the last few months, I contributed a few improvements to fpdf2, David Ankin fork of PyFPDF, the user-friendly Python library to generate PDFs:

from fpdf import FPDF
document = FPDF()
document.set_font('helvetica', size=60)
document.text(x=50, y=50, txt="Hello world!")

As the original project was not maintained anymore, the two of us teamed up in order to merge several contributors' Pull Requests submitted to the original project, and improve its documentation and overall code quality.

On my part, I added a GitHub Actions pipeline with as code prettifier (black) and a linter (pylint), removed some dead code, added several unit tests, and improved the global performances x100 by using a byterarray for the internal buffer and also for image compression.

For more details, you can check the releases CHANGELOG.

There are still many improvements to be done of course. We'd be happy to here about your feedbacks & suggestions!

One of my main motivations behind this work is a PDF video game I'm working on and I'm eager to present it here soon 😉