Images sous licences libres

Cette page recense des site web, des illustrateurs, des icônes et des polices de caractères libres de droits.

Depuis octobre 2018, j'ai rassemblé une liste d'artistes dont j'apprécie le travail et qui placent leurs œuvres sous licence Creative Commons. Si vous utilisez leur travail, envisagez svp de soutenir ces artistes, dans la mesure de vos moyens.

En général, mes recherches d'illustrations ont pour but d'illustrer mes jeux. C'est pourquoi je me concentre sur les licences Creative Commons sans clause Non-Derivative.

Cette liste a pris de l'ampleur avec le temps, et je la partage ici en espérant qu'elle inspire et soit utile à d'autres créateurs !

Cette page restera en constante évolution, j'y ajouterai régulièrement de nouvelles découvertes.

This page lists royalty-free websites, illustrators, icons and fonts.

Since October 2018, I have gathered a list of artists whose work I appreciate and who place their work under a Creative Commons license. Please consider supporting those artists, within your means, if you use their work.

In general, my research for illustrations is aimed at illustrating my games. This is why I am focusing on Creative Commons licenses without a Non-Derivative clause.

This list has grown over time, and I'm sharing it here hoping it inspires and proves useful to other creators!

This page will remain in constant evolution, I will regularly add new discoveries.

Creative Commons licenses requirements
From How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos by Foter - CC BY-SA


Modern artists

Pixabay artists

I have gathered those artists in this section as they share their work under the same Pixabay license, which does not share the same ambition as the Creative Commons, but still allows many usages:

From last century

Single artworks

Projects & game assets




Search engines

Image banks

Wikimedia Commons :

Dedicated to Vector graphics & flat / ClipArt images:

Dedicated to games:

Mostly photos:

Old public domain illustrations & photos:




I have a focus on collections & tools that allow for randomization, and that can be used as standalones (e.g. not embedded in Unity):

Non-libre avatar generators

Generators that produces character illustrations that have not been placed under a Creative Commons license or in the public domain:

AI-based art


Online image tools



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Go on and suggest artists to be added to this list by dropping a comment below ! 😉