Fantaisies programatico-ludiques


Pet projects, musings

For tabletop RPGs

  • shared-img-reveal : a minimal web application to share an image with your players, like a map, and progressively reveal it
  • rpg-bonhomme : a tabletop RPG character sheet viewer, with a Python backend using a JSONP key-value store
  • rpg-dice : perform dice rolls on a web page shared among players


  • Undying Dusk : a video game in a PDF format, with a gameplay based on exploration and logic puzzles, in the tradition of dungeon crawlers:

Game trailer



Some open-source projects to which I have contributed.

I also made some maps for a Ludum Dare game, back in 2009 (the game is worth trying !):

Open-source contributions made at

When working at, I had the opportunity to work on the following open-source projects:

  • Hesperides: a configuration management tool providing universal text file templating and properties editing through a REST API or a webapp

I also created the following ones:

  • Logo V.Board V.Board : a "pins" dashboard to share news among an organization

  • Logo hesperides-jenkins-lib hesperides-jenkins-lib : a shared lib for Jenkins pipelines to interact with Hesperides, the in-house configuration management system

  • nexus_uploader : a Python tool to help with the development & deployment of company-private Python packages on a Sonatype Nexus