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World map of an open-source project contributors

I have been amazed recently at the diversity of contributors on the fpdf2 project, coming from all around the world! Then I thought it would be nice to visualize this diversity by building a world map of all contributors locations. There it is: Click on the image to access an …

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Live demo for Hesperides!

Today I finally took the time to put up a live demo website for Hesperides! https://hesperides.herokuapp.com Hesperides is an open source tool dedicated to configuration management: it stores applications properties and mustache templates for configurations files. It is strongly hierarchized based on few main concepts: modules, applications …

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fpdf2 release 2.2.0

Today, I am happy to announce a new version 2.2.0 of fpdf2 ! https://github.com/pyfpdf/fpdf2/ Doc: https://pyfpdf.github.io/fpdf2/ During the last few months, I contributed a few improvements to fpdf2, David Ankin fork of PyFPDF, the user-friendly Python library to generate PDFs: from …

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