Live demo for Hesperides!

Hesperides logo

Today I finally took the time to put up a live demo website for Hesperides!

Hesperides is an open source tool dedicated to configuration management: it stores applications properties and mustache templates for configurations files. It is strongly hierarchized based on few main concepts: modules, applications and environments.

Hesperides has two main components: a REST API backend and a web frontend. It has a companion CLI written in Python, a dedicated Jenkins shared lib, and it has been used in production for more than 5 years.

My first contribution to this project dates from 2017, but it's in 2019 that I extensively worked with Thomas L'Hostis on fully re-writing its Java backend.

Following this major overhaul, many interesting methodologies & tools were used on this project:

Over the years, many contributors helped on this project: backend contributors - frontend contributors. Special shout-out to Sylvain Maillard, Adrien Auffredou, Victor Salaun, Vincent Lae, Nicolas Laurenti, Mamadou Bhoye Barry and the persons who took part in the Hesperides workshops: thank you all for your great work!

The live demo website is hosted on Heroku. I wrote down a short tutorial on how this was done here: