Animated one-page-dungeon : Escape of the Torment

Last week, while translating John Harper's micro-TTRPG World of Dungeons: Turbo Breakers, I discovered the wonderful world of one page dungeons, starting with Michael Prescott splendid production at and also the yearly One Page Dungeon Context.

While crawling through the OPDC 2021 entries, I discovered a great map by Brett Simison: Escape of the Torment. With my experience on building "animated" PDFs (on Undying Dusk and another game I'm currently working on), I thought it would be fun to "animate" this great adventure, and here is the result:

The goal of this "animated" PDF is to provide the GM with a simple PDF document displaying a map, so that they can show it in full screen to the players during the game session, and click on elements of the map in order for the scene to evolve.

I initially though about building this with HTML, CSS & Javascript as a web page, but on second though it thought that generating a single PDF could be more handy for GMs, with the added benefit of not requiring an online connexion. It was also a bit simpler for me not to worry with being adaptive to the browser screen size.

In order to extract the images from the original PDF, I used LibreOffice Draw with a custom Python script, included in the ZIP archive. The archive also includes the program used to generate the animated PDF, using fpdf2.

I hope the PDF will be useful to some GMs. I think it would be a good fit for a D & D or 7th Sea adventure. I personnally plan to use it in my Blades in the Dark campaign.

The overall approach of animating TTRPG sceneries / battlegrounds as PDF documents could also be applied to other maps! Of course it does not offer as much expressivity as a Roll20 / Foundry interactive map, but it can be a handy, simple alternative, and very fun to build for Python coders! 🐍