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Script de mise à jour de page d'accueil ForumActif

Un court article pour partager une méthode bien pratique pour mettre à jour la page d'acceuil d'un forum ForumActif : Contexte Une association de jeux de rôle a mis en place un site ForumActif. Cet hébergeur inclus dans ses forums phpBB la possibilité de créer des pages HTML statiques, et de …

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Bash remote code execution vulnerability

Just relaying the information about this "ShellShock" vulnerability: RedHat security blog post the full disclosure on seclists.org This seems to affect Apache, sshd, DHCP clients and even potentially git. TL;DR here is how to check your Bash version env x='() { echo Never called; }; echo YOUR BASH IS VULNERABLE …

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Quick stats on a stream of values in the console

I often find myself grep-ing for information in system or application log files. And often, by combining pipes, I end up generating a flow of values that is sometimes difficult to interpret. In this post I'll show you a quick-and-dirty but handy solution to get basic statistical quantities from …

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