Another animated dungeon: The Sky-Blind Spire

Following last week animated PDF adventure, I have been reading a series of one page dungeons... And yesterday I had the opportunity to play the best one in my opinion: The Sky-Blind Spire by Michael Prescott.

It has everything I love on one page: a maze to explore, mysteries to unveil, an environment-based conundrum to solve, random encounters, useful items to loot, and lot of thematic consistency between all of that!

I made another clickable PDF for this TTRPG session, that I'm sharing below:

The goal of this "animated" PDF is to provide the GM with a simple PDF document displaying a map, so that they can show it in full screen to the players during the game session, and click on rooms exits in order to navigate between locations.

Thanks a lot to Michael Prescott for crafting this wonderful adventure!

In my next blog post, I plan to share a French translation of this one page dungeon, along with advices on how to use it with La Lune et Douze Lotus.