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Solving a painful browserify limitation : portable source files selection with a wildcard pattern

In any UNIX shell, the following will always work out of the box: browserify src/main/lib/js/*.js > out-bundle.js But of course, not under Windows. And browserify does not accept directory names as primary parameter, nor wildcard globbing patterns. There is a pending issue & pull request aiming to …

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Generating SRI hashes with grunt-usemin

I'm not really crazy about Yeoman's grunt-usemin : I find painful the way it enforces a unique pipeline, with its preliminary useminPrepare task and :generated targets. But on the project I'm working on, we made the choice to use it early on, and we're sticking with it for now. And this …

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Fun with Javascript string obfuscation

Inspired by this tweeter post by Marcus Lagergren and the JS1K competition, here is a valid Javascript code snippet for you obfuscated code lovers: ー=!+[]+!+[]+!+[]+!+[],ߺ=ー+ー,ǀ=ߺ+ߺ,ꓹ=!+[]+[],ǃ=!+[]+!+[]+!+[],ᚐ=ꓹ[+[]],ꓹ=ᚐ+ꓹ[ǃ]+(![]+[])[ǃ]+ᚐ,ᚐ=/,/[ꓹ]+[],ꓹ=ǀ+ߺ+!+[]+!+[],ꓹ=ᚐ[ǃ]+ᚐ …

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