Fantaisies programatico-ludiques

World map of an open-source project contributors

I have been amazed recently at the diversity of contributors on the fpdf2 project, coming from all around the world! Then I thought it would be nice to visualize this diversity by building a world map of all contributors locations. There it is: Click on the image to access an …

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GitHub project statistics and Python interactive coding

Iframes not supported. Click on the link below to access the graphs. The iframe above displays some graphs I've built last week, in order to get some insight on some GitHub projects issues & pull requests evolution. They are directly inspired by nf-core project activity statistics. Click here to open those …

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Listing all GitHub security alerts of a user's projects using GraphQL and Python

Almost a year ago, GitHub introduced security alerts. They are an awesome feature. They function as notifications you receive whenever a vulnerability affecting one of your project dependencies. But long after receiving a notification, how to list all security alerts affecting your repositories ? I didn't found an out-of-the box solution …

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