Quickly finding where you PHP script is stuck

First, install PHP debugging extensions for gdb, for example:

debuginfo-install php-5.6.8  # if you use yum
aptitude install php5-dbg    # if you use aptitude

Then simply:

php_script_pid=$(pgrep -f $php_script_name)
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/php/php-src/PHP-$php_version/.gdbinit >> ~/.gdbinit
gdb -p $php_script_pid
dump_bt executor_globals.current_execute_data

This will print a stacktrace of PHP function calls.

In my case, I found out my drush command was stuck waiting for text from stdin, because I gave it the wrong cli flag: –y instead of -y.


You noticed the difference ? Yes, it's subttle and god damn confusing: the first argument contains the unicode character EN-DASH.

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