Fantaisies programatico-ludiques

Quickly finding where you PHP script is stuck

First, install PHP debugging extensions for gdb, for example: debuginfo-install php-5.6.8 # if you use yum aptitude install php5-dbg # if you use aptitude Then simply: php_version=5.6.8 php_script_pid=$(pgrep -f $php_script_name) curl$php_version/.gdbinit >> ~/.gdbinit gdb -p …

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Replicating PHPSESSID and srctoken session authentication with mitmproxy

A month ago, I wanted to automate queries to a website that is using the PHPSESSID cookie to keep track of sessions. I struggled a lot and couldn't find any documentation covering the behaviour I was observing. But yesterday I finally found a solution ! In hope it could help others …

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