From overblog to a pelican static website

Some time ago, I used the overblog platform in order to create a blog for a long trip in Ireland.

Despite being sometimes very slow, it was overall a good platform, very easy to grasp for beginners. The blog is now old and unused, but before destroying it I wanted to export a copy as a memory. I also wanted to get my data back, from overblog servers onto my computer.

Because I love Python, I made a script that performs an export of all texts and images to flat files, so that it can be powered by Pelican.

Old Pelican logo

I'm just sharing this code in case it can help someone else. The process to run this script is the following:

  1. Ensure you have Python 3 and the libs listed in the script installed
  2. Create a new project using pelican-quickstart
  3. Generate an overblog-posts-with-dates.yaml file from the Overblog admin page, following the instructions at the top of my script
  4. Run python in the directory of your new pelican project

Feel free to leave a comment if you need any support.