Glitch art and image processing with Python

This week I discovered the fantastic glitch art Reddit community (for a little more context on glitch art, wikipedia has a page). These are the pieces I love the most (click on them to find the source):

This one above reminds me of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Like many other pieces, it uses a "glitching" technique called Pixed Sorting.

This other glitch video by MarshmellowNinja is very funny, but better viewed online:

Those 4 last ones are from Reddit user vvdr12, whose flickr gallery also includes great intentionnaly made pieces. He kindly explained how he made this "japanify" effect in Python, and specified the source image.

He did not provide the code for the palette substitution, so I re-rewrote it: +

./ TDZSJMs.jpg
./ --palette-img edJl3YU.jpg japanified_TDZSJMs.jpg

(I'd love to also replicate this animated Joy Division effect by vvdr12, but he only provided some code to produce a static image - maybe a GIF could be created using Zhao Liang GIFWriter...)

The Glasgow band Kill the Waves even used his idea for their album cover:

Kill The Waves band album cover

It was nice to stumble on this band, I especially like their Anymore & Vow songs.

What do you think of those glitches ? ?? Are there other ones you known and like ? ??

EDIT [2018/03/05] : I learned thanks to about the name of one of those technics, datamoshing, of which this video is an example :

There is also this tumblr collecting glitch GIFs:

EDIT [2018/11/16] : another outstanding one

EDIT [2020/07/17] : a couple of new ones

Check also the sǝʌᴉʇɐuɹǝʇlɐ.