A Python iterator to list all UTF8 characters

Last week, I made up a basic TCP server in Python, to receive log lines. To split log lines, I used the ascii line feed ascii character : \n aka 0xa in hexadecimal.

But then I wondered : could this byte appear elsewhere in the UTF8-encoded strings of text I was sending ?

To find out, I wrote a small Python script that list all possible UTF8 characters. Here is its output:

$ time python3 utf8_iterator.py
4-bytes-max UTF8 potential characters count 2164864
4-bytes-max UTF8 decodable characters count 1112064
UTF8 characters containing the 0x0a newline byte: [b'\n']

real    0m8.003s

So, there is no other UTF8 character containing the 0x0a byte ! In fact, all 128 ASCII characters are encoded in the same way in UTF8. More important: the bytes corresponding to the 128 ASCII characters never appear elsewhere in UTF8.

Nice property isn't it ? Now go get a glance on the Wikipedia page to find out about this encoding intersting history.

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The Python script is certainly not the fastest for the task, but simple enough for my need, and could be useful to write tests for Python code processing byte strings: it can generate all the 1112064 valid UTF8 code points, plus some extra invalid ones.