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GitHub project statistics and Python interactive coding

Iframes not supported. Click on the link below to access the graphs. The iframe above displays some graphs I've built last week, in order to get some insight on some GitHub projects issues & pull requests evolution. They are directly inspired by nf-core project activity statistics. Click here to open those …

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Visualisation des votes sur republique-numerique.fr

Quelques essais de visualisation de données pour célébrer la fin de cette expérimentation de débat citoyen en ligne. Première tentative, utilisant Charted, pour visualiser la répartition des nombre de votes toutes propositions confondues : Exemple de lecture de ce graph: 33 propositions ont reçu exactement 8 votes positifs. Ce graph n'apporte …

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Quick stats on a stream of values in the console

I often find myself grep-ing for information in system or application log files. And often, by combining pipes, I end up generating a flow of values that is sometimes difficult to interpret. In this post I'll show you a quick-and-dirty but handy solution to get basic statistical quantities from …

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