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Rendering deep text-based mindmaps with WiseMapping and Python

In this blog post, I'm going to demonstrate how to reuse WiseMapping HTML+JS rendering engine to easily visualize... text-based mindmaps like this one have many benefits they are readable as-it-is they don't require any tool to be edited [they follow the UNIX tenets](http://www.ru.j-npcs.org/usoft …

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Solving a painful browserify limitation : portable source files selection with a wildcard pattern

In any UNIX shell, the following will always work out of the box: browserify src/main/lib/js/*.js > out-bundle.js But of course, not under Windows. And browserify does not accept directory names as primary parameter, nor wildcard globbing patterns. There is a pending issue & pull request aiming to …

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Mimicking testling HTML rendering of TAP javascript tests

This post is only relevant to you if you use browserify. For a good introduction to this powerful Javascript bundling tool, check this doc. First of all, I'd like to take my hat off to James Hallyday and Peteris Krumins who have built such amazing tools as browserify, testling and …

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