Street art and hedonogeolostism in London

This post may just look like a good excuse to show some holiday pictures (and really it is), sorry about that :)

I was in London last week, and I had the chance to make a tour of some great street art spots around Liverpool Street station, thanks to Fabrizio Gallozzi. This post is just a galery to share some great art pieces I liked.

What's about "hedonogeolostism" you may ask ? It's a neologism I made up. It means: pleasure of feeling geographically lost. I love visiting a new city and not beeing able to tell in which direction is my starting point. Feeling like each new street I walk in is a new place to discover.

I looked up for a word meaning that, but could not find one (I learned a little about how those "reverse dictionaries" work though, with interesting maths stuff like semantic distance). Hence, because it is a concept I like, I just made up a word from approximative greek roots ^^

Mirror photo
I found this one above quite funny and original: instead of a sprayed painting or a stencil, it consisted simply of a mirror on the wall,where you could see your reflection. Hence the group photo :)