Overriding the Enter keydown behaviour in bootstrap-datepicker.js

I've got many post ideas in the past two weeks, but none of them made it to the blog yet. While those scribbles are maturing, there is a short hack for the wonderful datepicker pluging for bootstrap.js.

Given a datepicker initialized on a <div id="date-picker"> like this:

    language: 'fr',
    startDate: new Date(),
    todayHighlight: true,

Now that's how to override the default behaviour of the Enter keydown event, that very annoyingly toggle on & off the user input:

$('#date-selected').keydown(function (ev) {
    var keycode = (ev.keyCode ? ev.keyCode : ev.which);
    if (keycode == '13') {
        var dp = $('#date-picker').data('datepicker');
        // 1: we manually restore the input date so it's not toggled on/off
        dp.dates.pop(); // idempotent if no dates
        // 2: we move to the next input field & close the picker