Mothership Hive Mind

In June this year, Sean McCoy published a tabletop RPG called Mothership. It has recieved tons of positive reviews, including /r/rpg December's Game of the Month award:

It's a d100 sci-fi/horror system, perfect for running Alien or Event Horizon, but it is most importantly exceptionally well designed. Every subheading is numbered for reference, character sheets have flowchart arrows pointing you towards important points, and it hits the sweet spot niche of hard sci-fi without overwhelming crunch. Plus it's PWYW.

Mothership game cover

The game has a very active community, which is very creative on Discord. On one channel, Hive Mind, numerous awesome d10 tables are collectively created.

With a good friend, Matthieu, we've put those tables on Chartopia. You'll find below a list of most of them, categorized.

Character & spaceship creation:

Plot ideas:




Creatures, pests & diseases:

NPCs & encounters:

EDIT [2020/03/04] : a PDF zine has been published on DriveThruRPG that compile those tables :