Is there any equitable dumbphone or laptop out there ??

False cellphone in wood

Hello all.

This is an open request : does anyone know about equitable non-smart phones or laptops, ideally long lasting and for the laptops: easily repairable with open-source componants ?

I know about Fairphone, but I couldn't find anything similar for simpler "feature phones".

By the way, I stumbled upon their cost breakdowns, which are very interesting and well made:

I'm just going to put down and share my findings here:

Naga44 logo

  • currently the best solution seems to be refurbished phones and computers. Living in Nantes, I'm going to look into Alis44 & Naga44 for laptops, and LeBonCoin for dumbphones

EDIT[2017/11/06]: a very interesting initiative: Commown

EDIT[2018/06/13]: another one, repackaged computers in France