Daniel Linssen latest wonderful games

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Daniel Linssen, aka managore, is a fantastic indie game developer. I already mentioned one of his games, HopSlide, in a previous blog post (FR).

Now that it's clear that I am totally unbiased about this incredible game maker, lets talk about his latest games !


This first one simply amazes me in terms of originality. WalkieTalkie concept is just awesome: you exchange messages in a chat room, which are all playable levels of a platform game !

Plus, the artistic direction is lovingly pixelated :

WalkieTalkie gameplay glipse
Gameplay glipse - gif made with ScreenToGif

Daniel made it a year ago during the LudumDare 37 game jam, which had for theme "One Room". Looking behind the scenes and given the first chat comment, I'm pretty confident to say that another game developer, takorii, gave him a little hand in this project :)

Walkie Talkie reminds me of Type:Rider, a French game I enjoyed playing very much, as they share a same theme, typography, and platformer gameplay based on letters and text.


windowframe has a little bit in common with his previous game HopSlide, as it revolves around moving windows in your operating systems.

The window resizing mechanics are truly ingenious, but the game puzzles are his real strength: they are well balanced, extremely smart and most of all very fun !

WindowFame gameplay glimpse

One thing that stroke most is how the game use window resizing & positioning in some scenes as "camera", to focus the player sight on one character in one corner of the screen. It's a bit like an animated comics !

It was made for Ludum Dare 35 game jam. I urge you to test it and brave the terrible 6 vampire bosses !