Bookmarklet to auto-pass cities on OkCupid

I very recently joined , and it seems great! Even if its new system makes difficult to talk to new people.

One things that annoys me a little though, is that I often get matches for people too far away from where I live, even with the distance filter set in my Settings:

Hence I wrote some simple Javascript code that auto-pass matches for a list of given cities.

Javascript snippet
const CITIES = 'London,Paris';
function autoPassCities() {
    const loc = document.getElementsByClassName('card-content-header__location')[0].textContent;
    if (CITIES.split(',').some(city => loc.endsWith(city))) {
        console.log('AutoPass:', loc);
    setTimeout(autoPassCities, 500);

You can generate your own bookmarklet for the cities you wish to exclude on this page: