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Fixing fonts that raise a &DFLT table doesn't satisfy the spec. LangSysCount is not zero& error in Firefox

Did you ever got this infamous error message in Firefox debug console (with CSS error messages enabled) ? downloadable font: Layout: DFLT table doesn't satisfy the spec. for script tag DFLT (font-family: "MyBeautifulFont" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:1) source: http://W.X.Y.Z/fonts/myfont …

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Setting-up Etherpad in a server subdirectory -aka- Apache config hell

I truly think Etherpad is an amazing piece of software. Not so much for its code base quality than for its extraordinary range of usages. Now, while I'm still unsure if todo-lists are useful or a complete waste of energy, I'm convinced that keeping a developer logbook / diary / journal has …

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