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Deploying AWS API Gateway static endpoints using Terraform

Recently at work, at SNCF Connect & Tech, we needed to expose some static documents as HTTP endpoints: a GET /version that would provide some information about the application version as JSON, and a GET /openapi/yaml that would return the OpenAPI 3 specification of our HTTP API as YAML. We …

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God I hate Java Regex API

Pourquoi, mais pourquoi faut-il 3 lignes en Java pour juste extraire un groupe d'une expression régulière qui "match" ??? Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile("o?k(b|i)s+").matcher("kiss"); matcher.matches(); assert matcher.group(1) == "i"; En Python: assert re.match("o?k(b|i)s+", "kiss").group(1) == "i …

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